Vision and Values


Knowledge empowers us. Faith gives us courage to act. Add love, and we can change the world!

“To give rather than take. To put others’ needs above our own.  To ‘Go and do likewise’”  Luke 10.37

Our vision is rooted in the message of the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

The story teaches us that knowledge and faith are not enough.  We need to have love as well if we are going to care for all of our ‘neighbours’ and change the world. God created us to make a positive impact for good and our desire for our children is that they may learn both through knowledge and through faith so that they are able to rise to the challenge of what God wishes us to do  - and to do it with and through love.  The parable offers us a vision of hope, showing that enemies can be friends, that compassion has no boundaries and that we must not judge others on the basis of their religion or ethnicity or because they are different from us.  It inspires our whole approach to life which is – to give rather than take; to put others’ needs about our own; to ‘Go and do likewise’ Luke 10.37.

At Packington we CARE


Our Vision for our School is to create a thriving Christian-centred community with a collaborative and inclusive approach which fosters a safe, loving and joyful learning environment and embodies the power of Christian values.  It will be a place where every child is empowered

  • to discover their true potential
  • to embrace their own uniqueness
  • to cultivate the values and skills needed to excel in life
  • to develop the confidence, resilience and self-belief to enable them to flourish in all aspects of their journey
  • to become the best version of themselves, equipped to make positive contributions to the world

In order to help us to achieve these aspirations, we shall strive to instil within the hearts and lives of our children important characteristics which are based on Christian values:

  • Unwavering perseverance - so that our children find strength in the face of challenges and overcome obstacles with faith and determination
  • Hope - so that our children embrace the future with optimism and trust in God’s plan for their lives
  • Courage - giving our children confidence to stand for what is right and just, fearlessly making a positive impact on the world around them
  • Kindness – giving our children an appreciation of the importance of kindness as a core virtue as we seek to foster an atmosphere of compassion, empathy and understanding, where every individual is valued and appreciated
  • Honesty - teaching our children the importance of integrity, authenticity and responsibility in all their actions and interactions.
  • Forgiveness - so that our children recognise that it is through forgiveness that we find healing, reconciliation and restoration of relationships.

As a community grounded in Christian values, our vision is to inspire our children to embrace these principles wholeheartedly, guiding them towards a purposeful and meaningful life, enriched with faith, love and a deep understanding of God’s grace.

We want everyone not just to know but to experience that at Packington we CARE.  Our aim is that:

Community:  Everyone will be part of a strong inclusive school community

  • Encourage teamwork and cooperation among the children. Teach them the value of working together to achieve common goals and solve problems.
  • Celebrate achievements as a team, highlighting the importance of supporting and lifting each other up.

Achieve: Everyone will achieve their highest level of progression, to enable them to be the best version of themselves

  • Set clear, realistic, and attainable goals for each child, tailored to their abilities and interests.
  • Recognise and praise their efforts, progress, and accomplishments, fostering a growth mindset.
  • Provide opportunities for self-assessment and reflection, encouraging them to identify areas of improvement and celebrate their successes.

Respect: Everyone will be encouraged to understand and demonstrate compassion, kindness, sensitivity and respect towards each other

  • Teach empathy and compassion by discussing different perspectives and experiences.
  • Establish clear guidelines for respectful behaviour and address any instances of disrespect promptly and constructively.
  • Model respect in all interactions, emphasising the importance of treating others as they would like to be treated.

Enjoy: Everyone will look back at their time at Packington with appreciation and a warm smile on their face.

  • Create a joyful and positive atmosphere by incorporating fun activities and playful learning experiences.
  • Celebrate diversity and encourage the children to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual.
  • Foster a love for learning and exploration by providing engaging and interactive educational opportunities.