Packington Church Of England Primary School

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Challenge Day July 2015


Our Challenge Day was a fabulous end to “Our Year of Courage”.  The day began with the children gathering in the hall and being surprised with a circus skills show.  Each class were then given the opportunity to take part in a circus skills workshop to learn a variety of skills, including stilt walking, juggling and plate spinning.

 Throughout the day the classes also worked on a variety of challenge tasks appropriate to their age.  These included:

The balance beam with a high jump to finish

Performing on a stage to an audience

The Feely Bag Challenge

Designing and Making a pyramid with the Knex

The Blindfold Obstacle Course Team Challenge

The Malteser Challenge

Making a structure from paper to hold a 1 kg weight

The Wii Challenge

It was great to see how well the children demonstrated our Christian value of Courage and used the skills and qualities that they have developed over the year.  There were pupils patiently trying to suck up a malteser onto a straw and showing persistence as they tried over and over again to get it to the other side of the room.  Nobody gave up!  There were children demonstrating bravery as they sang a solo to an audience or jumped from a height.  Not doing it was not an option for them – they were going to give it a go!  There was the ability to face the unknown and try something new and the pride in succeeding.  There was teamwork and trust as pupils had to work together to get a blindfolded team member through an obstacle course. There was friendship and respect for one another with pupils encouraging each other to achieve and go for it and applauding even the smallest of successes.  

During the day the pupils truly demonstrated character and resilience and by the end everybody was buzzing and keen to share their new skills at our whole school finale show to end the day.

Well done Packington – You are stars!

Stepping Back Further

Here are a few memories from past times in school