Packington Church Of England Primary School

Together we can flourish with Jesus as our guiding light

Our School Mascot

This is “James Packington” Bear.  He is our school mascot.  He joins in our lessons, supports us at special events and can travel to different places to help us learn about the world.


James has visited lots of places and many pupils add to his diary which is kept in the entrance hall.  Pupils often give talks to the school about his adventures.

If you want to take James with you on a holiday or to an event then please ask Mrs Rogers and the School Council. 

Sometimes we can take James to our homes and we make a diary of the things he does.  This helps the younger pupils learn about different homes and lifestyles and also helps with our language skills as we have to tell the class what James does and we have to write in his diary.


Welcome to the Children's Zone

Click on the links below to try out some great websites to help with your learning.

If you find any other great websites let Mr Emery know and we can share them.


An exciting site with lots of interactive games for children in KS1 to enjoy.
This is a great site to help children in KS2 revise and prepare for their SATS.
An excellent site if you enjoy reading and sharing poems. You can find lots of funny poems, books and games.
This site has links to great maths activities and learning zones for all KS2 pupils and Year 6 SATs revision.
This site has links for all KS2 pupils and is great for SATs revision too.


This site helps all KS2 children with their science topics and with Y6 SATs revision.
This is a fantastic, award winning website to help children in KS1 and KS2 with their topic work.
This is a very useful website if you need help learning your tables. Give it a try!
Oxford Owl has lots of great free E-books and reading activities to support children aged 3-11. It also has maths games too.






Great apps for you to try:

You will need to access these through your iTunes account  and not all of them are free to download.

Book creator               iMovie