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What is SIAMS?


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R.E. Statement of Entitlement


Christian Vision and Values



Why we chose the words in our Mission Statement.

Harvest Festival 13th October 2017


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.”

Matthew 5:9

The whole school went to Holy Rood Church for a Remembrance Service led by Rev’ Vivien. The service was similar to the service of Remembrance on Sunday and included a Bible reading read by the head boy and girl and an address by Rev’ Vivien about how God would want us to live together in peace and harmony.  She explained that we can solve conflicts by saying sorry when we have done something wrong and by forgiving those who have said sorry to us.  We also said prayers for penitence and absolution and prayers for peace in the world and to peacemakers.  At the very end of the worship we remembered all those who have lost their lives in conflict and Rev Vivien read the names from the war memorial in church.  The last post was then played and we stood in silence for two minutes. 

After the service the pupils were able to compare and contrast the worship in church with our own collective worship in school.


They pupils also had an opportunity to think about the act of Remembrance and the links to our Christian values and our British values.  We talked about our Christian value of peace and how the Bible often talks about people who want to live in peace with others.  We thought about our British value of individual liberty and our rights to be safe and live a peaceful life.  We thanked God for all the people who lost their lives or served their country in conflict and we asked God to help us become peacemakers so that we can continue to live in peace and harmony with others.

Back in their classes pupils also made links with our Christian value of respect and the British value of mutual respect for others which were demonstrated in our Remembrance worship.

What make us a Christian School?

We would like to share some of things around our school that show how we promote our Christian Ethos and Values.

Christian Ethos

Our Christian Values

Christian Values Day

Friday 20th May 2016

Each class is taking part in a special project to share our understanding of our Christian values further.

Staff and pupils worked together to consider how the Bible helps us learn about our Christian values and how we demonstrate our values in our daily lives.  As part of this work we linked our Christian value with a quote from the Bible and biblical stories and texts.  

Our Community Prayer                      Our Tree of Reflection


Our Wedding

As part of our R.E. week the Robins and Blackbirds held their own 'wedding' at our church. Rev. Lesley helped us to learn all about a Christian marriage ceremony.







We enjoyed learning about

the Holy Trinity in our Houses

We discussed how we could represent God, the father. Jesus, the son and the Holy Spirit through our art work.  We also thought about how we can explain the Trinitarian nature of God. 



Social Development


Moral development

Spiritual Development Cultural Development

Our definitions of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development at Packington