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Week commencing 29th June 2020


This week we are continuing our work about Pirates by reading some pirate stories. We are starting with 'Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs'. We will be finding getting lots of ideas for our own stories through reading and our own role play with all the pirate props we have made. Then we will write a perfect story in just five sentences! I have sent you a teaching PowerPoint about this technique.

In maths, Reception are revising their knowledge of number facts for 10 and extending this to 20 (pirate treasure will be involved!)

Year 1 are working recognising, comparing and counting money. I have sent you a 'Flashback' PowerPoint of maths starters for each day to begin your maths lessons at home.

In our topic work we are finding out what 'ship's biscuit' was actually like - no bugs though.


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The Tadpole diaries 

Tadpole diary (21-06-20)
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Tadpoles 21-06-20

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Tadpole diary 5

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Tadpole diary 19-04-20

Tadpole diary 2

27-03-20 Tadpole diary video (not great but I'm trying to improve!)

Maths resources

Digit cards for Year 1 activities

0 to 20 number cards