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I hope you have had a good week and are all keeping well. 

It's the Easter holidays! A bit different from usual but do try and have some 'down' time. Do have a look at all the Easter ideas from Mrs Price if you need some inspiration. 

It has been great to get so many replies to our new class email. I would love to hear about what you have been doing or seeing any work you have done (take a photo and email it). Any other information about how you are getting on with your learning, e.g. with reading books, would also be helpful for planning activities, allocating reading books etc.

Look out for the latest Tadpole Diary..

Phonics Bug reading books - please note

To complete a Phonics Bug book: as well as reading the book you also need to click on the Phonics Bug icon at the beginning and at the end of the book and do both activities. The book is then marked as ‘read’ and you earn your rewards. I can also see if you have completed it too! I can then allocate new books when necessary.

Tadpole diary 2

27-03-20 Tadpole diary video (not great but I'm trying to improve!)

Foundation Stage Overview

Year 1 overview

History questions

Year 1 activity

Foundation Stage activity

Growing plants

Tadpole diary

Foundation Stage overview week 1

Year 1 overview week 1

RE and English work

Growing sweet peas week 1

Tadpole diary

Digit cards for Year 1 activities

0 to 20 number cards

Mrs Price's Challenge is something you could try as a family with our younger children.

Mrs Price's Friday Challenge