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  • Can you keep a diary of your time at home, either handwritten or typed?
  • Remember our learning about Anne Frank  and how  she wrote a diary about her time in the Annexe.
  • This is a great way of using your typing skills too.

Welcome to the Owls Home Learning Page.

I am going to keep adding activities to our page which you can work on at home. These are things you should try and do as well as accessing the online learning I have suggested. I will be watching carefully to see how many Times Tables Rock Stars we have and how you are all doing.

Keep checking for more updates!          

Stay safe and well,

Mrs Dyche


Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Owls, I hope you had a good weekend. I have enjoyed watching some films, baking and reading this weekend, as well as taking my daily walk with Mr Dyche.

This week's maths theme is a revisit of our work on measurement, looking at weighing in g and kg.

I have put on five different activities for you to choose from each day. It would also be useful for you to have a go at some practical measuring at home maybe doing some baking or even taking time to look at the things in your cupboards to see what they weigh and reading packets and labels.

The first activity is a set of cards which you need to order from smallest to largest.



I have called this week's task 'A view from my window' Start by choosing a window at home and write a description of what you can see from it. Include lots of adjectives in your description. Don't forget to use a dictionary to check any spellings you are unsure of.

Task Two:

Write an acrostic poem about what you see. you might want to call it 'Window'. Remember each line starts with the initial letter and it should read 'Window' down the page.

Task Three:

Plan and write a short story about an adventure in your garden. Imagine that you step outside and shrink down to the size of an insect. What might happen on your adventure? Remember good stories have a beginning/middle and ending. Can you describe your characters in detail?


Keep going with your online learning. Join in with Joe Wicks for his PE on YouTube from 9am each day. Keep reading lots of different things too.

Have  a safe week


Mrs Dyche

31st March 2020

Bonjour! Today, I am adding some French activities for you to try at home. I am including a rainbow and a days of the week activity.


And look out soon for an exciting way for you to get in touch with me from home!

Mrs Dyche

1st April 2020

Happy April Fools Day! Have you managed to 'fool' anyone....remember you can only try it out up to 12 noon!

I thought I would make Wednesday a science investigation day, whilst you are learning at home. So look below for your first investigation on dissolving. You will need a little bit of adult help with this one, especially because you need to use some warm/hot water and other store cupboard ingredients. Think about the best way of recording your findings and follow my tips for ensuring you do a fair test.

I hope you enjoy it.

I am also going to set you a riddle each day to solve. Can you work out the answer to this one?

What begins with T, ends with T and has T inside it?

Keep going with the other tasks including TT Rockstars, I will be checking up to see who has scored the most points so far.

Look out for the announcement soon on a way to contact me. I can't wait to hear from you all.

Mrs Dyche 

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning everyone. I hope you enjoyed your science challenge yesterday and you have had a go at my through the window challenges this week. Did anyone try and work the answer to my riddle?

Today, we are going to be creative and try to follow instructions to have a go at paper weaving. Below you will find a Powerpoint with step by step instructions on how to weave paper as well as a selection of templates to use for the paper strips. If you don't have a printer you could draw your own lines on a blank piece of paper (don't forget to use a ruler). You can use any kind of paper you have at home for this one.

The challenge at the end is to make something using your paper weaves, I have given some suggestions but I know you can be really creative. If you are able to you can send me a photo of your work to the new email address. I am really happy because I have already received two emails from two members of the Owls class.

Make sure you have a great day and enjoy your paper weaving.

Bye for now

Mrs Dyche

Friday 3rd April 2020.


Hello everyone, sorry I'm a bit late posting this morning. Thank you to those parents and children who have signed up to the emails, I currently have 19 responses.

As today is the last day before our Easter holiday I thought you could spend time on finishing off any of the tasks you haven't had chance to have a go at yet. Often on the last day before the end of term we play games together so today's main challenge is to find a board or card game you could play with someone. My favourite is Scrabble because I love the challenge of making lots of words. However, it will depend on what you have at home. I have a 1,000 piece jigsaw which I plan to do over Easter. If I manage to complete it I will post a picture of it. I think I will need lots of resilience and determination.


Wishing all my wonderful Owls a very Happy Easter and look out for new learning activities after the holiday.

Mrs Dyche

Order the weights from smallest to largest

Friday 27th March 2020


Hello everyone. I hope you have enjoyed some of the challenges I have set you this week. I can see that lots of you are now using TT Rockstars, well done. Mrs Price has added a challenge for you all too.

My last challenge for this week is all about adding money. Look at the grid below, can you add up all the rows and columns and find out the highest and lowest row and column. Are you able to find a total of all the coins?

If you find this tricky then see if you have some coins at home that you could practice your adding skills instead.

Check in with the David Walliams story at 11am and give the Joe Wicks P.E. session a try to at 9am.

This afternoon, if you are able to, go on a minibeast hunt in your garden. Can you make a list of the different creatures you find? Use books for the internet to find out five facts about your minibeasts.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe. Look out for more challenges next week. Don't forget your diary entries.

Mrs Dyche

Try our Mrs Price's Challenge 27/3/2020

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning to my Owls, I hope you are trying your best with your home school tasks as well as trying out some of the online learning we have suggested.

Today, I have put some maths puzzles on our page. You will need to use your maths skills and your general knowledge to help you solve them.

I hope you enjoy them and maybe you could create your own version of them.

Don’t forget to keep your diary going and if you haven’t had a chance yet look at Mrs Price’s challenge in your pack. I have been looking who has been using the TT Rockstars, well done everyone.

Keep smiling and try and help at out home if you can. Look out for my next update tomorrow.

Mrs Dyche & Mrs O’Shea