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Welcome to the second week of home learning for the Blackbirds. Hope you are all doing well. We miss you lots.  Here are the activities for this week. 

1.  Can you make a Bug Hotel?  Please take photos of your fabulous creation and keep a record of any guests that visit. 

2.  Maths. This week it is all about measures.   Year 1s start by measuring using non-standard equipment such as lego or paper clips and then progress  to using rulers and metre sticks.   There is a separate file for Year 1 & 2 that includes tasks and a worksheet for each day covering length, money and time.  

3.  English.  This week we are looking at the story of The Old Lady and the Red Pumpkin. Again there are separate tasks for Year 1 and 2 to complete on a daily basis. 

4. Year 2 SPAG Practise.   Five worksheets to practise your spelling, punctuation and grammar knowledge.   (Year 1's to use Phonics Bug and try the interactive activities).

5. The Queen's Hat.  As part of our Royal Appointment topic we have included this file.  Get creative with how you choose to use this sheet.  Can you identify the places that the Queen's hat flies to?  Perhaps you want to write facts and make an information text about these places in London.  Maybe you want to use the pictures to write your own story of The Queen's hat or you could write a story about your own hat and it's adventures.  


Please don't feel you have to fit everything in, the materials here are to guide you. Pick and use what you can fit in.  The children (and you) are adjusting to a new situation, which is unusual and at times difficult. Most importantly,  try to keep children reading regularly, at least three times a week. Use any books you may have at home, Oxford Owls site and Phonics Bug site where appropriate. Even recipes, signs, instructions, captions in books above their reading level, breakfast cereal packets etc. It all helps! 

Do let the children have plenty of time for free play, including outdoors in the garden where possible to stay active. We have had some lovely weather this past week which has been ideal. Unfortunately this week we may not be so lucky... 

Stay safe everybody. 



Below is the planning for this first week (23.3.20):-   (We have left this on in case you are still working on it.)


Year 2 Fractions Spring 2   (5 Days)

Year 1 Fractions Spring 2 (5 Days)

Year 1 & 2 English Planning (5 Days)

Given the strange time we are living through we suggest your child keeps a daily diary.  Encourage them to say their ideas before they write them and to remember punctuation and think about spellings. 

We will post more soon.  Stay safe and take care.  We miss you all. 


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