Packington Church Of England Primary School

– with Jesus as our guiding light.


Summer 2 Week 10


Welcome to our final week of school home learners.  


Well done for all your hard work over the last term, we have missed you lots. I will send details of a whole class assembly to take place on Wednesday 8th July at 10:00.   Look forward to seeing you then. 


Art  - #DrawWithRob.  Rob does live drawing sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings @ 10am but you can  also do them anytime following his clips on his website. 

Maths -   Please see worksheets below which link to clips found on the White Rose Maths Home learning pages.  There are also worksheets of daily maths starters for both year 1 & 2 below.

Year 1 Fractions

Year 2 Measure & Time 

SPAG -  Year 1 & 2  A final week of recapping all the SPAG skills we have learnt this year. 

Spellings - There are two separate spelling sheets and clips (year 1 & 2) for the final week's spellings. 

Science - 3M have created a series of Home Science Experiments for primary children using everyday household products.  Find these using the link below and don't forget to send your photos.                                      

English – For this last week, we usually have a menu of choices for the children to have a go at during the week, some are compulsory for everyone, and others optional. Attached below is a Grace Darling themed menu choice, with English tasks and research, craft and performing arts tasks too. I would like all children to have a go at the newspaper article, then pick and choose from the others. The newspaper article template and top trumps template are all part of Doc A, just scroll down. The paper crafts will be sent to your inbox. Enjoy!

Take care and have a fabulous Summer. 

Mrs Fryer & Mrs Johnston