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Welcome to week 4 of home learning Blackbirds - week beginning 25.1.21

Please see below the timetable below for Teams meeting times and groups. We look forward to seeing you on Teams at the start of the day for registration and at the end of the day for story time, where possible.  

We will also continue the Teams feedback sessions for English and Maths in groups so that we can see all your hard work and progress.

Maths Feedback sessions are at 12:00pm for all groups, there is no group at 12:15pm.

TEAMS MEETINGS can be joined by going to the calendar on the left hand side of the Teams screen and clicking on your meeting to join at the appropriate time. 


Please note – The main tasks for Monday and Tuesday will be uploaded at the weekend before the week beginning 25.1.21. Midweek these tasks will be taken down and Wednesday  - Friday’s tasks will be uploaded. This should prevent the Blackbirds page from becoming too full and should make it easier to navigate. It also reflects the teaching pattern of the job share staff in the Blackbirds.

Reading at home

Whilst we are not able to give out reading books, there are a number of online options for keeping your child reading at home.

The library – whilst the Ashby library is not open, they still offer a digital lending service. Follow this link to access this service. Even if you are not already a member, you seem to be able to sign up online.

The Oxford Owls website – this has lots more than just books but they have a lot of e-books available, some of which are banded by colour in the same way as our school books. You will need to sign up with your own email address, but the resources are free once you have done so.

Epic reading – a bit American but has quite a few free online books to try. It seems to be free for 30 days without logging in, but I have set up an educator profile which allows you to log in and we may get longer that way. The instructions to login are: Go to  enter class code yqh9673 then choose your child’s name. Follow the steps and you should be able to read some books online matched to you child’s reading ability.

For stories read aloud to children these are two good sites:



Monday 11th January

Today children will be researching and making notes. Using the PowerPoint ( below and emailed) children, with support from parents, need to read the text taken from books and the internet which is all about Roman Soldiers. In the PowerPoint children can see how I have modelled turning the text into short notes under a specific subheading. Children will need to make their own notes under the four given subheadings.


Tuesday 12th January

Today children will be turning their notes into an information text about Roman soldiers. There is another PowerPoint modelling how to do this and a Word template to write on. There is space for an introduction, four subheadings with space to write underneath, and a box for a picture. Alternatively, children could write in their blue books. On the PowerPoint there is a list of success criteria, (things I am looking for in their texts.)



Year 1: there are phonics videos uploaded to Teams.  (As they are too large to upload here.) You can find them in the files in the year 1 folder as the activity tab is getting rather full. Files can be found when you have clicked on either the ‘Activity’ or ‘Teams’ tab on the left of the screen, then look across the top of the page, you should see general, posts, files, class notebook, assignments.       Click files, then Year 1 and you should find a phonics video for each day of the week.

There are also short follow up activities and games activities to be completed after watching the videos. The activities can be found below and emailed to you. All resources for the week are in one document to save downloading and printing five separate times.

Year 2:  there are clips below to watch and follow.

All children will also benefit from having a go at the games on the Phonics Play website. It is particularly good on a tablet but should work on all devices and computers. This is something children can do at any time of day. The login details are:

Username: jan21

Password: home

Year 1 should use phase 4 and 5 games.

 Year 2 can also use phase 6 games as this is what they are working on, but completing phase 5 games will be beneficial.


Please see lesson clips below. 


These will be done on Friday after morning registration.   

Year 1 

Year 2 



Each year group has White Rose videos and worksheets to complete.

Please watch the videos for the small steps, explanation of methods and for the reasoning discussion that takes place during the videos.

Year 1

Year 1: are starting a new unit – Place Value to 50

Follow these links to find the video for each day:

Monday:  Following on from the video there are practical and written tasks. (Below and emailed.) There is no White Rose activity sheet today.

Tuesday: There is a White Rose activity to follow the video. (Below and emailed.)


Year 2

Year 2: are continuing with multiplication and division understanding. 

Follow these links to find the video for each day:

Monday: Plus White Rose worksheet below and emailed. Reasoning activities to develop breadth of understanding are available too. 

Tuesday. Plus White Rose worksheet and reasoning activities below and emailed.


Year 1 and 2 useful maths websites 

. (Maths frame is for KS2 and has some free games available. This game allows you to choose the year 2 objectives only.) 


Monday Afternoon


Today children can have a go at an art and design activity. Following on from the  Roman Soldier research this morning, children could make a Roman shield. You can follow this link for ideas – this one has quite a few stages, but you could create a simpler version depending on resources you have at home.


 Tuesday Afternoon


On Tuesday afternoons we have PE. A walk outside, a cosmic yoga or other online PE video or any other type of exercise your family is able to do might work.


Just do what you can.  We appreciate it is hard to home school whilst working from home yourself, we are here to help and support you however we can so please feel free to email any problems, concerns or feedback if you require changes etc. 

Have a good week. 

Mrs Fryer and Mrs Johnston

English Year 1 and 2    - Input and task                Monday 25th January              

English Year 1 and 2         Input only         Tuesday 26th January

English year 1 and 2        Task            Tuesday 26th January

Phonics       Year 1          Activities and resources for Monday - Friday

Maths  Year 1   Monday 25th January

Maths     Year 1     Tuesday 25th January.

Maths    Year 2     Monday 25th Jan - main activity.

Maths    Year 2    Monday 25th Jan       Extra reasoning activity

Maths     year 2     Tuesday 26th Jan - main activity

Maths    Year 2     Tuesday 26th Jan -  extra reasoning activity

Handwriting Worksheets for the week